FBCP June 2016 Newsletter                                                

Thoughts from Pastor Sam




"Pray without ceasing”, 1Thess 5:17 – what does short verse really mean?  Does it mean that I should have a running dialogue with the Lord throughout the day, talking to Him non-stop.  Not only would this be very difficult to do, but it would also be weird and annoying.  This is how I used to interpret this verse.  To get a clear picture we have to understand prayer.  Prayer is communication and yes it involves dialogue but it also involves listening.  If we talked to someone all day long without listening we would not really be communicating with them as much as pestering them.  In Matthew 6: 7-8 it says:  

7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.

8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. 

I believe what Paul is saying when he say “pray without ceasing” is to not stop praying or bringing our requests before God because we do not get an answer right away but to keep bringing them before the Lord.  Secondly we are to listen as much or maybe even more that we talk.  We should keep open communication with God and not allow our spiritual ears to become dull of hearing due to sin or distraction.  In that sense we should pray without ceasing.

June 12 Worship Time


Special Pentecost Worship Time: We will have a Special Pentecost Worship time next Sunday the 12th of June and will have the opportunity to give to the Lord and the ministry here at FBCP over and above our tithe.  In scripture the celebration of Pentecost involved bringing gifts to the Lord as well as God giving us gifts.  In Jewish tradition this day is when the Torah or Law was given to the people of Israel.  In Acts Chapter 2, it was on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was given to the believers waiting in the upper room. Please prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you worship Him through giving on this day.

Children's Ministry



We are having a wonderful time introducing our children to Jesus and helping them understand the Bible. What an awesome God we serve that He gives us this priveledge & thank you to the parents & grandparents for trusting us to teach your children. 


We have a need for 2 nursery teachers the 3rd & 4th Sunday of each month. If you are interested please call me at 877-3532. Our previous teacher, Abby Covell, is graduating from High School. We want to thank her for loving our children & ask the Lord to bless & guide her future. 


May our Lord bless you all. 

Pam Wrobel 


June 26 Concert


Sally Klein O'Connor will be with us in concert on Sunday, June 26 during the worship service.  Sally has been with us before and we are always blest by her music and testimony.



Glen and Rita Chapman - Glen recently made the trip from Kikongo to Kinshasa to "participate in meetings  to discuss the church position concerning the many influences from the culture, and other religious groups". He reported that the meetings were very useful and necessary, but that the trips in both directions, by a combination of motorcycle and taxi, were bone-jarring. Despite the utility of the meetings, he wonders if making the trips to Kinshasa for further discussion would be the best use of his time and energy. Please keep Glen in prayer about this issue!


Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - Dee Collins recently learned during a (she thought!) routine eye exam for new glasses that she has double cataracts and is at high risk for detached retinas! She will be undergoing further tests to fully determine what is going on with her eyes, and expects to undergo eye surgery! Her vision is critical for working with the deaf and using sign language! Pray regarding the outcome of this situation.

Upcoming travel plans: Dee is flying to Minnesota June 5 - 7 and Pari will fly alone to Arizona (her first flight by herself ) June 11 - 18 to spend time with her grandparents. The family will drive to Las Vegas for July 4 - 9 for the "2016 DeafNation World Expo" where they will have a booth. Dee will leave for Gallaudet University July 10 -22, then on to North Carolina July 23 - 26! Pray for travel efficiency and safety!


Ed and Miriam Noyes - Ed Noyes has recently celebrated his birthday! Miriam reports that she, "Spent Easter vacation doing literacy teacher trainings with two groups of teachers in Bandundu. Lovely people, and motivated to start literacy classes for their slow students and the women in the villages around."


Russell and Sharla Wiesner and Family - In their latest newsletter Russ & Sharla tell of a young Malay woman who was baptized recently. She has been persecuted by her family and rejected by churches (it is illegal to proselytize Malay people in Malaysia!). Pray for her steadfastness and for her Christian Fellowship with other believers! Praise that the opportunity to start a fourth learning center in Kuala Lumpur has come up. This is at the request of a church in a different part of town, nearer the city center. They are preparing to open in August 2016! The Wiesners are initiating a new outreach in the form of a "Summer English Camp", where local children can learn English from native speakers.


 Jews for Jesus - Jaden Walker will be on mission this summer with Jews for Jesus in NYC for about 2 weeks.  He will need our prayers.According to a recent issue of the Jews for Jesus newsletter "Issues", as many as 10% of the Jews who died in the Holocaust were believers in Jesus! See: http://jewsforjesus.org/publications/issues/v21-n05


Mike Robinson

Missions Director

Birthdays & Anniversaries


01 H Eiland
02 Joseph Barker
03 Sharon Little
04 Joyce Holden
     Brent Hedman
     Jonathan Reeves
12 Diane Lung
15 Heidi Lung
17 Nick Reeves
18 Coreen King
20 Lorraine Muhlbaier
23 Heather Walker

01 Malachai Walker
05 Wanda Stowe
     Michael Howard
20 Rick Carpio
22 Juanita Grevalsky
25 Al Covell

June 16 - Travis & Amy Barker
July 5 - Jerry & Sally Bogner
July 12 - Jim & Lena McMillen
July 17 - Tom & Carolyn Umble

Sign Language Class

Sign Language class is on summer break.  Watch for information about a class in the Fall.

Women's Bible Study



The Wednesday morning Bible Study is on summer break now.  Watch for announcements in the bulletin as to when they will begin again in September.

Yard Sale - June 10-11

YARD SALE  -  JUNE 10-11

Hours:  7 - 3 pm

In the Family Life Center (FLC)


The FLC will be open Mon - Thurs from 9 - 12 PM for people to bring their donations.  Volunteer helpers are needed Mon through Thursday for organizing and pricing,  and on Friday as cashiers, and overseers.  Sign-up Sheet at the Welcome Center - or contact


June 5 Potluck Lucheon


This Sunday, June 5, will be our monthly potluck lunch after the worship service. Bring any dish (large, please); Main dish, Salad or Dessert and join us for a time of fellowship.


Cornerstone Christian School


Thank you to our church family who have supported Cornerstone School this year in so many ways - your prayers for us, your attendance at school events and your patience as we share the building and grounds here at FLCP. We have had a great year with both students and staff and we're looking forward to another blest year in 2016-17 as we teach children and endeavor to lay a foundation for godly lives.  

Robin Tygart, Principal/Teacher


Evening Worship Service Schedule


Monthly Schedule for Sunday 

Evening Services

First Sunday     - No  Evening Service
Second Sunday -   Service at FBCP at 6 PM
Third Sunday    -   Meet at St. Nicholas Church at 6 PM for Transforming                                              Prayer service               
Fourth/Fifth Sun - Service at FBCP at 6 PM                            
(Watch Bulletin for occasional changes in this schedule)


Farewell to Jackie Koehler

Send-off Party



Jackie Koehler

DATE:         Tues. June  7
TIME:         7:00  PM
PLACE:       Twin Oaks Rehab
Day Room
1200  Springfield Dr.


Please no gifts but she would love cards, or gift cards would help with her move to a new home in Southern CA. 



Vacation Bible School - June 20-24


VBS is almost here. We are excited & preparing for the children our Lord will bring to our event. We look forward to spreading the Gospel to the children of Parafise area.  We ask you to pray for the teachers, staff, children & supplies. May our Lord reach each & every child's heart. 


We do have a supply list if you will like to help as well as accepting money.  We cannot do this without you. 


If you wish to volunteer, please contact Linda or Pam. Registration forms at the Welcome Center or online link at: www.fbcparadise.com