FBCP Newsletter for July 2015

Thoughts from Pastor Sam


 The Will of God


16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thess 5:16-18 (NKJV) 


Could it really be that simple to do the will of God?  I think many times we complicate things by trying to “figure out” God’s will instead of doing the things He tells us to do.  If we rejoice always then we need to have joy and that is a fruit of the Spirit so the only way we can rejoice in every circumstance is to walk in the Spirit and this is the will of God.  Praying without ceasing is also the result of a right relationship with God.  When we have un-confessed sin or we are in rebellion we do not like having communication with God.  We may give him lip service but our communication is limited because we feel uncomfortable in His presence or worst yet we don’t even acknowledge his presence.  If we are walking in the Spirit, we will be constantly in communication with God, either listening or speaking to Him.  The third attribute that needs to be present for us to be in the will of God is a thankful heart.  “In everything give thanks”.  It doesn’t do any good to try to fool God in this area of our lives, He knows if we are truly thankful or not.  Fooling our Christian neighbor or friends will only have small benefit in this life but won’t matter at all when we stand before the Lord.  A thankful heart is a surrendered heart and a humble heart and it is in line with God’s will.  Doing the will of God is not complicated but it is also not easy because it requires us to surrender our stubborn will to the Lord unconditionally.


Children's Ministry & Vacation Bible School


VBS was an awesome experience for all. We are looking for testimonials, so if you have a story please let me know. We thank all contributors, prayer warriors, volunteers & participants.


We had a challenge between the boys & girls to collect money to send bibles to our sister church in Kenya "Glory Sabbath". It was very close. The girls won by $10. We were able to collect over $250. It is so exciting to know this church will now have bibles to give out. Pastor Joseph who grew up in Tanzania was there to receive the money.


 We praise the Lord  that over 40 children either accepted Jesus as their Savior, made a rededication, or showed strong interest in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. None of this would have been possible without all your prayers & assistance. 

Thank you for serving & loving our children. 


Children's Ministry is still in need of volunteers on Wednesday nights for nursery & elementary. All we ask is you love Jesus & our children. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Blessings, Pamela Wrobel


Missions Report


Glen and Rita Chapman - 


Recently at Kikongo Pastoral School there was a graduation ceremony and party for eight finalists, who later departed upriver, downriver, and by road to their next locales. Now the process of transitioning the small, intimate pastoral school into a small, intimate university with expanded fields of study begins, opening in October! 


Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins -


Dee recently returned from a ministry trip to Haiti where she taught deaf children. During her stay there they were able to get a few children fitted with hearing aids. These will help the children improve their language skills. Many there asked where Shawn was, showing the impact he has made on previous visits! Pray: for the Collins' financial needs as they look forward to travel to Romania then on to California. Shawn will be giving a live demo to WordSign board members on July 7th. Dee will be traveling to Turkey and Greece, July 18 - Aug 5. 


Ed and Miriam Noyes -


The Noyes had a successful visit to the U.S., visiting ministry partners and family. "The Lingala lay-pastor training modules in Lingala are nearing completion and should be printed soon.  It looks likely that the course will be inaugurated during a 5-week training program for Twa Pygmy lay-pastors in northern Bandundu province some time this summer." Ed's work in Rural Health is moving forward slowly, laboriously, but with great promise and much involvement from the churches!


Russell and Sharla Wiesner and family -


The Wiesners will soon return to Malaysia where they will continue their efforts with the Upward Learning Center, church planting, and ESL training. Upward learning center has space for more students this Fall, so pray for additional students and the staff need to serve the needs!


Jews for Jesus -


Praise for a successful gospel outreach in Zurich, Switzerland. The street teams met 10 Jewish seekers, 13 Gentile seekers, and 21 Christians who want to know more about the ministry!


Additionally, Malachai Walker will be going to New York City this summer to do witnessing with Jews for Jesus.


Women's Ministry


WM had  very successful Yard Sale in June!  We thank all the women who were involved in any way.  We'll be taking a break for the summer months. Wednesday Morning Bible Study and the monthly Mugs & Muffins will resume in September. Watch the weekly bulletin for dates and times.


Sunday Potluck


This will be a 4th of July celebration complete with hot dogs and whatever side dishes our congregation brings. Anything that goes with HOT DOGS! Join us in the FLC following the worship service.




1  Malachai Walker
 5  Mike Robinson
 5  Wanda Stowe
 5  Janet Rowe
22  Juanita Grevalsky
25  Al Covell


22  Constance Robinson
25  Jean Covell
26  Helen Whittington


July 5  Jerry & Sally 
July 26 Jim & Lena 
Aug 5   Todd & Susan
Aug 8   Al & Jean Covell
Aug 16  C.J. & Georgene
Aug 18   Mike & Bobbie