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Notes From Pastor Sam                                                                               


In Jeremiah there is a verse that brings us much comfort and hope. 

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jer 29:11 (NKJV)

While I don’t wish to detract from any comfort or hope that we may have received from this verse in the past I would like to shed some light on the context in which it was written.  The people of Judah were being carried away into exile in Babylon.  God had declared that this would be their fate by the prophet Jeremiah and had even given them the amount of time that they would be in exile.  There were false prophets who tried to say that this was only temporary and that they would soon return to their land.  The people are very confused and discouraged.  The Lord says this to them to remind them that although they are going through a time of discipline and correction He has not forsaken them and he does not wish them harm.  In fact quite the opposite is true.  He is going to give them, peace a future and this should bring them great hope. 

Maybe you are not where you wish to be in your walk with the Lord Jesus.  Seek Him and trust Him today that He has a good plan for you.  Maybe you have a desire to serve God but you are not happy in the place He has put you.  Seek  Him and ask Him for godly contentment and peace in the place where you are or you will never be content even when you get what you want.  Maybe you find yourself experiencing His discipline.  Seek Him and rejoice because it means He loves you and then ask Him to give you peace, a future and a hope even in the new place He is bringing you. 

In this same passage it says:  “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jer 29:13 (NKJV).  Let us be of that generation that seeks after the Lord with all of our heart.


    Final Numbers for Operation Christmas Child Boxes by Pam Wrobel            

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Hello Team Chico Greater Area,


For all you number crunchers last year, our biggest year ever, we packed and shipped 5,315 shoe boxes.  This year as you all know we prayed for a 10% increase over last year.  So early on after Sandy and I returned home from Boone NC, we prayed for a 10% increase. 


 We made it, we were 10% plus 4 boxes...(which included boxes that came in after the deadline that Pam Wrobel and Sue Neher turned in).


I want to thank you all for your amazing heart and commitment to serve our LORD in this wonderful Mission Field of Operation Christmas Child.  I know our Loving Heavenly Father Blessed each and every one of you during collection week.  I know Sandy and I saw God do amazing work in the hearts of our volunteers and the general public as they came into the collection center and asked if they can get involved for the very first time.  What a blessing to share with "newbies" what we do and why we get to do it.


Be praying for our team, OCC volunteers world wide and all those beautiful people serving in the Processing Centers.


Steve Snow


Area Coordinator, Chico Greater Area


Mission Update                                                                               Return to Top              


Glen and Rita Chapman - Rita had a fascinating and enlightening experience "directing" the Kikongo Women's Christmas Pageant. She discovered that the women have a rich ability to improvise! The pageant draws sometimes feuding groups together and expresses the gospel story in Congolese terms! 

During the Christmas break Glen traveled to another village, Kolkoso, by powered parachute. This was the first time that the people of Kolokoso had seen an aircraft of any kind, so there was a great deal of excitement about Glen's visit! "That first night I projected Christian music videos,videos about HIV/AIDS and then the two hour Campus Crusade JESUS film in their own language." Glen projected again the second night and spoke at Christmas services on the third day. His return home to Kikongo was a bit eventful with some problematic winds and fog, but he made it OK.

Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - Continue to hold them up in prayer during frequent travels, work on the sign language animation project, and ministry to the deaf.


Ed and Miriam Noyes - Ed continues to travel a lot in the process of fostering better rural health care and agricultural improvements. One goal is to make health care lass dependent on outside support. 

Ed wrote, “Miriam has been working on much more than just literacy.  One of the most interesting tasks is the revision of the simple training manual for church lay pastors.  She and several pastors are currently working on the Lingala version of the module on doctrine and practical theology.  Essentially it is the discipleship manual for new Christians and reflection on what the Bible has to say about the most common issues faced by Congolese (like death, sorcery, marriage, bride price, infertility/not being able to have children; twins; living with a non-Christian family; land disputes; communicating with the ancestors; mental illness; drunkenness; children born with congenital defects; accidental or unexpected death.) All sorts of thorny questions.”  Pray for Miriam as she continues to translate the leader training booklets into Lingala.

Dec. 30 on Facebook: "Back from Kikongo. A pleasantly quiet Christmas with Glen and Rita Chapman."


Russell and Sharla Wiesner and Family - The Wiesners are pleased that their eldest, Sarah, has been accepted into a Masters program at Columbia International University. 


Russ has traveled back to Malaysia by himself for the opening of the Upward Learning center in the Mont Kiara suburb of Kuala Lumpur. Textbooks and curriculum materials that have been shipped from the United States by cargo container were scheduled to arrive on January 1 but at last report have been delayed until January 13! "Please pray that these items will clear port customs before school starts!" 


Jews for Jesus - Pray for the results of witnessing and contacts during the Holiday Season.


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Last week’s potluck after Sunday service was a huge success.  You can look forward to continued potlucks and fellowship once a month on the first Sunday of the month.   We’ll look for you at the February 1st potluck!


Cornerstone School                                                                            Return to Top         


Cornerstone Spelling Bee 

Thursday, January 22 at 7:00 PM. 


This is such a fun evening!  Join us and see if you can spell the words that these students are spelling.  Some are quite challenging.   The students are not only learning to spell but to participate in competition with a Christ like attitude and good sportsmanship. You will be blessed and will be an encouragement to the students if you come and support them.   God has given us a ministry in helping to raise up godly children.  


Women’s Connection                                                                          Return to Top         


 Saturday, January 24 will be a fellowship time for women from 1 – 3 PM.  We will meet in the Prayer Room, play games, have conversation, just get to know each other a little better.


Thank You Note                                                                                    Return to Top        


Many thanks to my church family for your support during my recent surgery.  Your prayers, cards, visits, and flowers were a blessing .                     Barbara Thomas


Giving Statements for 2014                                                                Return to Top        


Sue Wells will have your giving statements available in the Atrium during the month of January.  If you pick up your statement it will not be necessary to mail them out and will save us the postage!  If you have any questions about your statement, leave a message for Sue at the church office (877-3532) and she will get back to you quickly.


Food Pantry Update                                                                            Return to Top         


 Thank you all for bringing shelf food items for the pantry.  This enables us to give people a variety of foods.  The pantry can use any shelf items.  Just make sure they are in-date and not expired.  You can bring your donations to the pantry or church office.  Also, we need both paper and plastic bags right now!


Community Events                                                                              Return to Top         


Dinner with the Doctor

"The Buzz on Tinnitus"

Deborah Touchette Au.D


Thursday, January 22


Our Savior Lutheran Church

6404 Pentz Road


6:00 PM Dinner $12)

6:30 PM Lecture (FREE!)

Reservations required for both


"Dr. Deborah Touchette is the owner of Paradise Hearing and Balance Clinics, Inc. She is nationally certified and licensed to practice Audiology as well as state licensed to dispense hearing aids. Dr. Deborah Touchette will present on the process of investigating the cause of the condition of tinnitus and and possible treament options for it. Her lecture will be focusing primarily on managment strategies."

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Final Numbers for Operation           Christmas Child Boxes by Pam Wrobel 

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Giving Statements for 2014             

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Birthdays & Anniversaries



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Jan 2   Mike & Constance  Robinson

Jan 26  H & Maryann Eiland

Feb 15  Mike & Susan Belcher

Feb 26   Bruce & Lorraine Muhlbaier


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We will be starting a new Sunday School class in January.  It will be a study of the book of Ruth. 



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