FBCP January 2017 Newsletter

Thoughts From Pastor Sam


God Is In the Preparation


I find myself many times focusing on and waiting for the next exciting event, activity, day off etc. instead of focusing on the current task.  We have a big family and we use a lot of dishes.  In fact when everyone is home and we have a meal we use 8 plates, cups, forks, and knifes etc. – in one meal you could have over 32 items ready to wash.  I know very few people who enjoy doing dishes and yet they have to get done if you plan on having something to eat off of the next day!  I love to eat, but most food worth eating has to be prepared and that takes time and effort.  God is a planner and he has great plans for us if we would only trust Him and wait on Him.  One of the secrets to truly enjoying life is learning to appreciate and even enjoy the preparation time.  I believe the Lord not only takes pleasure in carrying out His plans but in the preparation as well.  Instead of focusing on the next mountaintop experience in our spiritual life and being discouraged and depressed in the middle why not search for God in the preparation, He’s there.  When we are with the Lord the valley of preparation can be as fulfilling and meaningful as the mountaintop experience. 

For I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jer 29:11


Birthdays & Anniversaries


 1 Sylvia Drake
 3 Kezziah Walker
 4 Roger Wroble
 4 Jim McMillen
11 Rhonda Webb13 Helen Garber
20 Leslie Carpio
22 Marjorie Duncombe
24 Sally Bogner
26 Emily Hedman
 7 Pastor Sam
 7 Marion Williams
10 Bruce Muhlbaier
16 John deJong
16 Isaiah Franks
25 Pam Wroble
27 Timmy Webb



Jan 2 - Mike & Constance
Jan 26 - H & Maryann Eiland
Feb 11 - Ben & Vera Walker
Feb 15 - Mike & Susan
Feb 25 - Lorraine & Bruce

Christian Education


Wednesday Night Adult Study: Beginning Wednesday Night, January 11 we will be studying and discussing “God’s Plan for our Salvation”.  This study is designed to help us understand the Biblical definition of Salvation.  It will not only help us understand the assurance we have that we are saved; it will help us share with a lost world the Salvation we have in Christ.  It will also teach us about the gift of salvation that Christianity has to offer compared with the other world religions and cults.  Join us as often as you are able, the study is every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 8:30 in the Prayer Room. 

Adult Sunday School continues with a study on the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7.  The study is led by Paul Tygart and meets every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:00.  It is a great time of learning and discussing the words of our Lord.  Please consider blessing us by attending each week before Service. 

Men’s Tuesday Morning Bible Study continues each week at 7:30 in the Prayer Room.  There is a time of prayer and a Biblical devotional.  There is plenty of coffee and refreshments.  Pastor Sam and Brad encourage our men to join us in this special time of fellowship.

Looking Ahead:

  • Jan 10 – WM Bible Study at 9:30 AM begins

  • Jan 10 –Women’s Ministry meeting at 5:30 PM in Prayer Rm.

  • Jan 15 – Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

  • Jan 15 - Arney Family, missionaries to Philippines in the evening service at 6 PM

  • Jan 21 – Mugs & Muffins meet at 9:30 AM

  • Jan 26 –Cornerstone School Spelling Bee at 7 PM

  • Feb 5 – Next church potluck luncheon on Super Bowl Sunday. (Hint: "Souper Bowl)

Women's Ministries


Women's Ministry Meeting:  Our meeting this month is on the second Tuesday, January 10, however we usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month so February will be on the 7th.  We will be planning events for 2017 and invite any woman who is interested in helping us.  We meet in the Prayer Room off the sanctuary at 5:30 PM.  We appreciate any ideas and all help!

Mugs & Muffins:  We will meet on January 21 (usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month although we occasionally change dates to accomodate other church events.  The time is 9:30 AM.  Watch the bulletin for place.

Summer Yard Sale: Time to start thinking about our summer yard sale!  Keep all of your usable items that you no longer want or have use for and we will be happy to have them.  If you need a place to store larger items, contact Beverly Ellefson at 877-3532

and Bev will may be able to store them for you.


Missions Report


Glen and Rita Chapman - The political situation in the Congo is becoming more unstable, with the president, Joseph Kabila, not leaving office at the end of his term. Political unrest in the Congo is a familiar experience for the Chapmans, but Kikongo generally remains calm. Glen did cancel a ministry trip to a nearby village due to the situation and the presence of government troops near there. The Chapmans plan to spend time in the U.S. in Spring of 2017! Hopefully we will be able to hear from them! They will be looking for housing in the Los Angeles/San Diego area and in the Sacramento area. Glen reminds us that Rita is the librarian for the Baptist University of the Congo, and that many of the students have access to a library for the first time in their lives! They both remain busy with their teaching loads at the University.  Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - Dee shared video content on Facebook from the Deaf Bible Society telling how the sign-language Bible is being distributed in Kenya on micro SD cards that people can watch using their smart phones!

Ed and Miriam Noyes - Social media (i.e., Facebook) access has been shut off in the Congo, so I have no current news from the Noyes. Keep them in your prayers as they live in Kinshasa, which is the center of unrest in the current political distress. When I get some news about Miriam's literacy work or Ed's health and agricultural work, I will pass it along. The Noyes were able to visit the Chapmans in Kikongo for Christmas. 


Russell and Sharla Wiesner and Family -"Three local shopping centers have invited our Cornerstone students to sing Christmas carols and give a live performance of our Christmas program in their courtyard." After beginning their ESL (English teaching) program in November, they have seen an increase from 2 to 20 students. Malaysian students from local schools are attending this after-school ESL program! 



Jews for Jesus - During a recent tract-passing expedition in Sydney, Australia, team members had a fruitful time meeting people and engaging in conversation. "All together, 54 Jewish people and 69 gentiles gave us their contact information to continue the conversation about Jesus. Many more heard the gospel. Eleven people, including two who are Jewish, prayed to receive the Lord."



Mike Robinson


Cornerstone School


Think about attending Cornerstone's annual Spelling Bee on Thursday, January 26 at 7 PM in the church sanctuary.  It's your opportunity to observe the students of Cornerstone as they compete with each other in spelling proficiency.