FBCP  Newsletter - February 2017

Thoughts From Pastor Sam

“God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” James 1:6If we want to have the favor or grace of God then we need to stay humble before Him.  This is not only when we are saved and have to acknowledge our sins and accept the free gift of salvation through the work of Jesus Christ but throughout our life as we walk with the Lord.  It is natural to become complacent and allow pride into our life especially when we are “doing good” and have God’s blessing, yet we are not called to live naturally.  Instead we are told to “Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh” Gal 5:16.  Sometimes we wonder why that even when we are obedient and think we are pleasing God we feel distant from Him.  When you feel this way it is a good time to check for pride.  Kind of like an engine light on a car that comes on but the car still seems to be running fine, yet many times there is a serious problem under the hood.  When everything is going well but we don’t have peace it may be an indication of a serious problem in our heart and we need to seek God for His diagnosis and cure.  That all starts with humbling ourselves before God and seeking His face, in fact we should do this daily even if we feel at peace, since our feelings can be deceptive.And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Jer 29:13


Adult Studies


Sunday School: Our study of the Sermon on the Mount will continue through February.  New study (TBD) will begin in March. Join us at 9 AM Sunday mornings in Room 1.  Paul Tygart and Brad Wells share teaching responsibilities. 


Wednesday Evening:  Wednesday night adult study is continuing with God's Plan of Salvation.  7:00 to 8:30 in the prayer room. You are welcome to join us at any time.


Men's Morning Bible Study continues on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM in the Prayer Room off the Sanctuary.


Women's Ministries


Tuesday Morning Bible Study continues at 9:30 AM in the Prayer Room. We are doing a Max Lucado study in the Book of Genesis.  All women are welcome to join us! Eileen Lesher, Leader 


Women's Ministry Meeting meets regularly on the first Tuesday of the month in the Prayer Room at 5:30 PM (Tues Feb 7). We are always happy to have new women and fresh ideas so if you would like to be involved in WM please join us as we plan for this year's events.


Mugs & Muffins will meet on February 18 at Jana O'Connell's home, 13679 Andover, Magalia at 9:30 AM 


Women's Luncheon will be held this year on May 6 from 11 AM to 2 PM.  We will need lots of help as we plan a theme, food, decorations. 


Yard Sale is planned for June.  Start collecting your no-longer-used items.  If you need a place to store them, contact Beverly Ellefson at 877-3235. 


Birthdays & Anniversaries




 7  Pastor Sam 

7  Marion Williams

10  Bruce Muhlbaire

16  John deJong

16  Isiah Franks

25  Pam Wroble

27  Timmy Webb 



 3  Timothy Franks

15  Carl Smith

16  Leona Aranez

19  Doris Choniere

19  Vesta Steinacker

24  Georgene Goodwin 



Feb. 11 - Ben & Vera Walker

Feb. 15 - Mike & Susan Belcher

Feb. 25 - Bruce & Lorraine                           Muhlbaier

Mar. 5 -  Tom & Juanita                               Grevalsky

Mar. 14 - Jerry & Elta Jaeger

Mar. 17 - Don & Kat Shores

Missions Report for February


 Glen and Rita Chapman - Glen was able to take a break from his academic schedule and make a weekend trip to the village of Kipalanga via powered parachute, which permitted him to make the 16 mile trip in only 40 minutes. No Missionary had visited the village since the 1970s due to the difficulty in reaching it! While there Glen projected the Jesus movie for the villagers, and preached in Church on Sunday. His theme celebrated Africans in the Bible. The church building was packed out with 400 people and there were another 200 who couldn't fit inside the building! Glen had good weather for his trip, and it only started raining after he returned home to Kikongo! Glen finishes his notes with, "Thank you for your prayers for the church at Kipalanga."  


Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - While giving thanks for the accomplishments of 2016, the Collins are looking forward to 2017. The motion-capture rig for recording the Bible in sign language is nearing a production-ready status, and they anticipate field testing it this year. Another move is coming up, so they will leave Albuquerque behind. In addition, they lost some financial support last year, so will be looking to replace that. 


Ed and Miriam Noyes - The Noyes are facing major changes in their situation. Ed has spent much time working with staff there to investigate fraud practices while putting safeguards into place. These have been favorably received. There has been some problem with finances for the main work Ed has been involved in, so they have decided to return to Lusekele to rebuild the work there. Please intercede for them as they work with other Christians, sometimes dealing with conflicting interests. Ed ends his prayer requests . . .  "with deep appreciation for your willingness to follow the leading of the Lord with us." 


Russell and Sharla Wiesner and family - Russ and Sharla recently made a trip to North Borneo, which is part of Malaysia. There they met with parents who are interested in starting a learning center like Cornerstone in Kuala Lumpur. There are four churches there that could become possible locations. This would be their 5th learning center promoting a Christian Worldview in Malaysia! 


An Iranian Muslim boy, Shamir, who had joined the learning center in Kuala Lumpur, came to faith in Christ!  He had heard the Gospel several times, and he also had a dream that troubled him and led him to read the Bible.



Jews for Jesus - A worker in Moscow reported a contact with a Russian watchmaker, Leonid, who is Jewish. He has already received some witness from a Christian friend and is ready to consider the claims of Yeshua Messiah more deeply (https://jewsforjesus.org/ publications/realtime/ realtime-jan-2017/a-jewish- watchmaker-realizes-its-time- to-think-about-jesus/).



Around the World - Samaritan's Purse is operating a field hospital near Mosul in Iraq, treating some of the casualties the have resulted from the current fighting between Iraqi forces and ISIS.


Mike Robinson, Missions Director


SHOR (Sojourner's Housing on the Ridge)











 P.O. Box 892

 Paradise, CA 95967



Hello to our compassionate community members,


We are in need a a few of you that support helping  

Ridge residents experiencing homelessness become more self sufficient through the services offered at SHOR. The work at SHOR is done largely by volunteers under the direction of our Exexutive Director. The response to our new year-round center has created a need for some alternate volunteers to those covering our full-time staff schedule, Monday-Friday. 


We are in need of alternates who can commit to working shifts roughly one time per month. SHOR would provide four to five days notice of the shift needing to be covered. Training is required prior to being added to list of available alternates. SHOR is open Monday through Friday, 10:30 to 4:00. Shift lengths are normally three hours long and can be in the morning or afternoon. Although this is a seemingly small time commitment, it is an invaluable contribution to SHOR as we cannot have our doors open without the minimum number of volunteers present at the center at all times. We are looking for reliable substitutes that can infrequently be counted on to fill shifts with four or five days notice. 


 We could use ten good people.


SHOR is located in the office buildings behind the Paradise Lutheran Church at 780 Luther Drive, in Paradise.  If you or someone you know is interested in being of service to your community, please call, email or come by our office.  We will be happy to answer all questions you have about this rewarding volunteer opportunity. SHOR's office phone number is (530) 872-1162.


In Gratitude, 


Shawna Summers


SHOR Volunteer Coordinator





Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees will meet this Wednesday, February 8 at 1:00 PM at the home of Eileen Lesher.