FBCP February 2018 Newsletter

Thoughts From Pastor Sam


Defending God?

Why do we think sometimes that we need to defend what God is doing in our life?  If God is truly doing it, it will not need to be defended.  We also don’t need to defend or explain what God is doing in someone else’s life.  We should trust the Lord and obey Him and encourage others to do the same, reminding each other that God is faithful and that we can trust Him. 
Many times I have found myself trying to defend or explain what God is doing in my life or in someone else’s.  At the least, this is an exercise in futility, because I don’t really know.   At the worst, it is presumptuous and harmful to my spiritual growth and the growth of others when things don’t turn out as we expect.  The best approach is to trust (rely fully on) Him, obey Him, enjoy Him and hold on for the ride?  You won’t be disappointed.


Glen and Rita Chapman - Still in the U.S., they look forward to their return to the Congo.

Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - On January 5th Dee Collins shared on Facebook, "Did you do it? Did you make it? Did you breathe in and out your first week in the new year? Did you practice forgiving yourself or forgiving that "something" that happened this week? Were you able to "let it go"? Were you able to forgive and offer grace to someone else? Being intentional requires practice. Doing something different requires practice. Remember that before we are anything, we are HUMAN!"

Ed and Miriam Noyes - Settling in after their return to Lusekele in the Congo.

Russell and Sharla Wiesner and family - Russ reports that the learning center in Kuala Lumpur continues to grow, now having 65 students compared to the 13 that were there one year ago! He also rejoices in the privilege of working with new believers who are seeking to understand the Bible. The learning center has changed its name to Rocklin Learning Center to better align itself with its umbrella organization, Rocklin International Schools in California. There are new believers attending the International Church and Russ is preparing for Baptisms!


 Around the World - Todd and Susan Smith are currently living in Oroville and are preparing for a return to Papua New Guinea with a target date of July 2018. They will be returning to service with Wycliffe.  NOTE:  We will have a Soup & Salad lunch on Sunday, March 4 after the worship service where they will be giving us information on their mission plans.  Be sure to join us on that day


 Mike Robinson for Missions

Women's Ministry


WM Monthly Meeting:  Tuesday, February 6 at 5:30 PM in the Prayer Room.  Any woman who is interested in helping with our events is invited to join us. Come and bring your ideas!

Bible Study on Tuesday Mornings continues in thePrayer Room at 9:30 AM. Presently Eileen Lesher is leading a study on Psalms.

Friday, February 9 - Heart-to-Heart Game Night". There will be snacks, a special gift for each lady and games to play.  All ages 14 and up are invited.  We always have lots of fun so join us - and bring a friend!
Spring Event: Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 5 which will be our Spring luncheon 11 - 2 PM. Watch for more information.

Annual Yard Sale - June 8 and 9:  We'll be setting up June 4 - 7 so will need lots of helpers. If you have donations but don't have a place to store them until June, Beverly Ellefson has graciously volunteered her storage area. Contact Bev at 559-0679. She will not be home mid-Feb to mid-March, however, her son, John will be home and can accept items for storage.

Children's Ministry

Vacation Bible School:  Hello FBCP family. VBS this year is June 18-22. Our first meeting is February 18 from 12:30-2pm. The theme is "Time Lab". Hope to see you there.

New Children's Ministry Director is Rebecca Milco.  We are very pleased to welcome her to this important ministry.  She will be looking for volunteers to help with all areas of this ministry.  

Awana continues with 55 children attending. They are well staffed however there are some needs for aides. If you would like to help contact Candice Deppe through the church office.  A background check is done for every volunteer.

Board of Trustees


Plans are underway to repair damage to Prayer Room roof (funds have been committed) and end the leaking there.  They are assessing additional needs and repairs to our church building with an eye to short and long-term solutions.  
BOT will meet February 14 at 12:30 pm at Eileen Lesher's home.

Birthdays & Anniversaries




  7 Pastor Sam
  7 Marion Williams
10 Bruce Muhlbaier
16 Isaiah Franks
25 Pam Wrobel
27 Timmy Webb
 3 Timothy Franks
11 Amy Smith
15 Carl Smith
16 Lee Aranez
19 Vesta Steinacker
24 Georgene Goodwin



Feb. 11 - Ben & Vera
Feb. 15 - Mike & Susan
Feb. 24 - Bruce & Lorraine
March  5 - Tom & Juanita
March 14 - Jerry & Elta
March 17 - Don & Kat 

Adult Studies

Adult Bible Class meets Sundays at 9:00 AM in Room 2. We are in the process of building a house with Jesus as the capstone.  In order to build a strong house, you need a good foundation.  That is what we are doing in ABC class.  Last fall we started with the 10 commandments.  We are now learning about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  This summer, we will study the 12 tribes of Israel and finish the year with how Jesus fits into the feasts of Israel.  I encourage you to attend classes and help build or repair your foundation in Christ.  Please join us at 9 each Sunday. 


Brent Hedman 

Something New in Weekly Bulletin!



Notice in your weekly bulletins an insert for you to take notes during the sermon. Pastor Sam will be providing this each week for those who find it helpful to write notes while listening.  You can also listen to the sermons on our website www.fbcparadise.com where each week the sermon is posted along with an archive of previous sermons.

Audio-Visual Team

Ministry Help Needed with Audio/Visual:  Sunday mornings our Audio/Visual team is looking for help in the Sound Booth.  John Webb will do some training with anyone who has an interest.  They have a rotating schedule so you would be sharing the responsibilities with others. Talk with John for more information.   Also, we are also looking for someone to help with the overhead projection of our songs.  Please talk with Pastor Sam if you would like to join and be part of a rotating team.


Easter Choir

Our choir is preparing a presentation that will include congregation participation for Resurrection Sunday, April 1st.  Congregation Harei Yeshua is being invited to join the choir as they prepare.  This should be a wonderful celebration of the resurrection of our Jesus/Yeshua!
First practice/meeting is Sunday, Feb. 4 at 2:00 PM.  There will be no practice on Feb. 11, they will start up again on Sunday, Feb. 18.