FBCP August 2017 Newsletter

Thoughts from Pastor Sam

The Lord Teaches Us To Profit

Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: "I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go."
Isaiah 48:17 (NKJV)
Who do we look to for instruction and profit in business or in our careers etc.  Do we seek the Lord and His guidance or do we try to do it “on our own”.  Do we trust that the Lord knows better than us, even in business?  It says He is the one who “teaches you to profit”.  We should trust the Lord not our own understanding.


Children's Ministries

Sunday School: We continue to need 1 person to help teach Sunday Church and 2 people to help in the nursery on the 3rd & 4th Sundays.


Cornerstone School


We are nearing the 2017-18 School Year!  We have updated the computers our students use and have 5 older computers to give to someone needing a computer.  For information please contact Heather Barton at 762-8531 and 877-3240.  August 28 is the first day of school.


Mission News


Glen and Rita Chapman - Glen and Rita are in the States for awhile and have recently returned from ministry meetings in Oregon. Upon arrival at the Ontario airport (near Los Angeles) the had quite a trek with their suitcases to get to where they could meet their Uber driver, reminding them that they haven't quite adapted fully to life in the U.S.! They are taking a breather and putting their calendar together for the rest of the year.
Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - Dee has returned to home in Texas after a productive time of ministry in Haiti, working with the deaf community there. Check out her Facebook page for pictures and personal notes (https://www.facebook.com/dee.collins01 and https://www.facebook.com/haitideafacademy/?hc_ref=ARTOKVd9pQMzs4hq246PFHSZBuHDQyW17PpojkgMIbe8Y6jKdc36UeODtkSXfjmrDS0&pnref=story).
Dee shared that the Deaf Bible Society has initiated an online directory to churches with a ministry to the deaf(https://www.deafchurchwhere.com/map/49.84112294225931,-120.3349609375,4 ). 
Ed and Miriam Noyes - Keep Ed and Miriam in your prayers as they enter a time of transition in their ministry in the Congo!


Russell and Sharla Wiesner and Family - The Wiesners have returned home (!) to Malaysia after some time in California visiting ministry partners, spending time with Russ' Dad who celebrated his 80th birthday, and having a few days with their scattered family gathered together.
 "Our family was scattered around the nation and the globe. Sarah was in South Carolina, finishing her master's degree at Columbia International University, Joshua was in Virginia at Liberty University, Rebekah lives in Oregon with her husband Jordan, attending school and teaching at a Christian school. Hannah was at Woodland Christian School, finishing her Senior year. Nathan and Bethany were with us in Malaysia at Cornerstone."
Cornerstone Learning Center in Kuala Lumpur continues to grow and be a ministry center as well as a place of education. 
Mike Robinson, Missions Director


This Sunday Evening - August 6

Joint Worship Time: Sunday evening we will have Mike Belcher’s congregation "In The Cool of The Garden" joining us for a potluck meal and fellowship time at 5:00 in the Family Life Center.  Plan to be with us and enjoy getting to know this group of brothers and sisters in Christ.  The Main dish will be provided however we are asking the congregation to bring salads of all kinds and desserts.  Please no hot dishes!  Thank you.........


Awana Program

AWANA is coming to FBCP!  In September the Awana program for children K – 6 will be an ongoing program at FBCP. Information and Registration forms are at the Welcome Center.  You can also go to their Facebook page by searching:  Awana Paradise First Baptist Church 


Greeters Needed

Sunday Morning Greeters Needed: If you would like to welcome people, especially visitors, to our worship service on Sunday mornings, we could use your help. You would need to be here a bit early on Sunday, hand out bulletins and welcome folks to our service.  It’s a great way to get to know people attending our service and make them feel welcome.  Talk to Jill Hedman about what times are available.


News from Tirzah on her Mission Field

Shalom FBC Family! 


These last two weeks I've been leading a Messianic Jewish Vacation Hebrew School for


around 16 children and this week Jaden has been here helping me. We have been


working through the covenants and yesterday we reached the New Covenant in Yeshua.


After talking about being born again (John 3) I asked the children if they would like to


pray to be born again and receive G-d's Spirit. 


Three of them said yes and Jaden and I each took one aside at a time and prayed with


them to believe that Yeshua is their Messiah. 


Please pray for these little ones as they grow and are challenged in the years to come. 


Ministry Opportunities

We have an ongoing need to train people to help in the sound booth and also to run the power point program on Sunday mornings. Talk to John Webb or Josh Glasenapp.  


Women's Ministry

Tuesday Morning Bible Study:  We are planning now for the continuation of the Tuesday morning Bible study which will feature a study in the  book of James. Plan to join us.

NEW!  There will be a new Women's Bible Study on Wednesday evenings 6:00 - 7:30 PM (during the time that the Awana program will be in session).  First meeting will be September 26.


Board of Trustees

Workday Report:  Many thanks to the 8 people who came for last Saturday's work day at church!  We scrubbed and organized and after 3 hours we could see a significant difference in the kitchen and the Family Life Center.
I remember numerous times over the years when workday was announced and I made no plans to attend.  Sometimes I truly had to go to work, other times I just wanted the day off.  Somehow, the church building was taken care of, of course, by those more capable than I.  But there came a time when God put it on my heart that "we all need to be involved" and so that is now my aim............    So to all who helped and made the difference - THANK YOU!
Eileen Lesher, BOT

Board of Trustee Projects:
Currently the BOT is working on two "special projects":
1 - Refinishing the floor in the Family Life Center.
2 - Replacing the system of projecting the songs and sermon in the sanctuary for the congregation to follow on Sunday mornings (and at other times, too).
If you wish to contribute to these projects, please use the offering envelopes and mark "Projects".  However we ask that you make this an over-and-above offering, not taking away from your much needed regular offering.


Birthdays & Anniversaries

 2       Ben Walker
10      Ruth VanEssen
22      Constance Robinson
23      Jerry Jaeger
 2      Scott Cranston
 9      Marion Chase-Kleeves
10     Grace Hedman
12     Gavin Smith
13     Vera Walker
19     Carolyn Umble
27     Maryann Eiland

Aug 3     Todd & Susan Smith
Aug 8     Al & Jean Covell
Aug 16   C. J. & Georgene Goodwin
Aug 18   Mike & Bobbie Howard
Sept 20  Paul & Robin Tygart