FBCP October 2018 Newsletter

Thoughts From Pastor Sam

Make No Provision for the Flesh


Romans 13:14 (NKJV) 
14  But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.
“Make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.”  When I first heard this verse, I thought that it was referring to premeditated sin, which would definitely fall under this mandate. However, as I continued to meditate on this scripture, I realized that “making provision for the flesh”  was much broader than just not setting yourself up to sin.  “Making provision for the flesh” can be as simple as doing things or planning to do things that make me happy or comfortable.  We wouldn’t consider that to be sin yet it does qualify as making provision for the flesh.  How much time do we spend making sure our day is a success or that our physical and emotional needs are met?  Is my focus on my will and my plans being accomplished or on being led by the Holy Spirit?  Do we spend time making provision to walk in the Spirit by putting on the Lord Jesus Christ?  These are all appropriate questions for us to ask ourselves when we meditate on the passage of scripture.  So…how do we “put on the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Scripture gives us some pretty clear hints.  In Gal 2:20 the apostle Paul says:
Galatians 2:20 (NKJV) 
20  I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.


So in this passage “putting on the Lord Jesus Christ” is an act of obedient faith where we acknowledge that our old nature is “crucified with Christ” and that we have a new nature which is Christ living in us.  The obedience comes as we do the will of God the Father as Jesus did by His power and His Spirit working through us.  We make provision to do this by surrendering our wills to Him as Jesus did.  To begin to understand we have to begin to practice this as an act of faith.  Yes; prayer, Bible study, and Christian fellowship are part of putting on Christ Jesus, yet the most important element is the surrender of our will to Him and obedience to His will by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Let’s all make provision for the new nature that we have in Christ Jesus.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month


This is a perfect opportunity to give a card or gift to our pastor and let him know how much he is appreciated.  A basket will be available at the Welcome Center for your cards. 

FBCP Day of Prayer - October 17-18


Day of Prayer: FBCP will be observing a Day of Prayer beginning Wednesday, October 17 at 8:00 AM. You can sign up in half-hour segments until 8:00 AM on Thursday, October 18.  Signup Sheet is at the Welcome Center. You do not have to be at the church for your prayer time. If you have any questions, contact Staci deJesus at 530-877-3532.

Christmas Choir


Christmas Choir will meet each Sunday now at 2:00 PM.  You can still be a part of the choir by joining us this Sunday at 2:00.  We’re off to a good start with 25 people so if you think you might enjoy singing the music of Christmas then be here at 2:00 and director, Mike Howard will tell you everything you need to know.

Men's Ministry


Men’s Bible Study was moved to October 14 at 5:00 PM. (They normally meet every other Sunday). As always the Committee will meet at 4:30.  A men’s retreat has been scheduled for September 2019. For more detailed information talk with John Rodrigues.   

Looking Ahead


  • Oct. 14 - Men's Bible Study 5:00

  • Oct. 17-18 - Day of Prayer 8 AM to 8 AM

  • Oct. 19 - Cornerstone School Fall Fest 6 – 8 PM

  • Nov. 3 –Paul Kleifoth will be doing Kitchen Guideline Training       from 2-4 PM 

Birthdays & Anniversaries



 6 Tom Umble
 7 Rebecca Milco
 8 Jill Hedman
14 Tirzah Walker
14 Susan Belcher
18 Talia Walker
19 Barbara deJong
 1 John Rodrigues
 2 C. J. Goodwin
10 Martha Shepard
18 Joy Farnsworth
21 Beverly Ellefson
25 Mike Howard


Oct. 20 - Pastor Sam &
             Heather Walker
Oct 21  - John & Rhonda



This month we will observe communion this Sunday, October 14.


Food Pantry at FBCP


Our Pantry gives out food every Wednesday from 3:30 - 5:00 to anyone in our community with a need.  You can donate food items to the pantry at any time. Just use the “Food Pantry” container box in the Atrium. Food items needed: canned tuna, beans, fruit, and soups, also; pasta, cereal, top ramen, rice, beans,  Rice-a-Roni, oatmeal and peanut butter.  You can also give using the offering envelopes and mark “Food  Pantry” on the envelope.


Operation Christmas Child


OCC is in full swing. Stop by the table in the Atrium for lots of information about the Shoe Boxes sent to children all over the world and the different ways you can be involved.  We look forward to another mighty harvest this year.  Pick up a shoebox or two and fill (instructions at the OCC table) and return to church by Nov. 18. NOTE: You may also “fill” a box online for $20 which includes postage. Boxes are filled back East rather than locally but still go to a child. 


Kitchen Guideline Training


Paul Kleifoth will be conducting a training class on Saturday, November 3 from 2 – 4 PM on how to use the church kitchen in an efficient,  safe and sanitary way.  Any church ministry which needs to use the kitchen should have at least one person attending this class. Sign up sheet at the Welcome Center. Even if you have been working in kitchens for years, you will most likely pick up some new information with Paul.


Cornerstone Christian School


Cornerstone Fall Fest

Friday, October 19 from 6 - 8 PM


There will be games, a cake walk, raffles and a snack bar (but no costumes). Always an enjoyable event for students and adults alike!

Join us and help support our school.




Glen and Rita Chapman - A near-call with a falling tree in the town of Kikongo might have been a cause for fear of witchcraft, but instead has been regarded as an expression of God's power! In addition, they have been able to restart their lumber milling operation using the fallen tree, providing wood for many needs!


Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - Dee had an article published online by Mission Frontiers: 

"Bible translation has been around for centuries, with missionaries venturing out into people groups near and far to make God’s Word accessible to people in a language and form they can clearly understand. As we steadily count down the number of languages left without Scripture, a people group seems to have gone overlooked by many, even though they live among all societies in every city, state, and country around the world: the Deaf. "
Ed and Miriam Noyes - No updates recently. Please remember them in the agricultural work at Lusekele and with literacy projects in 
the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Todd and Susan Smith and Family - The Smiths have sold their home in Oroville and are currently staying with Susan's mother in Paradise until they leave for Ukarumpa. There are currently 56% of the required financial support they need before they can depart. This is after adding 8 new partners in September. Their reasons for returning to Ukarumpa are that 1. they believe that God has called them to Ukarumpa, 2. they already have relationships with many of the people they would work with, 3. they could begin work right away, and 4. there is plenty of work to do there!


Around the World - Samaritan's Purse is providing relief in Indonesia after the earthquake and Tsunami there, and also in Florida after the hurricane there. 


Jews for Jesus reports that boldness continues to bear fruit, even when the boldness takes the form of a Jews for Jesus T-shirt worn in Budapest, Hungary and as a result a man prayed the sinner's prayer in a public park!


Mike Robinson