July 2017 Newsletter

Thoughts From Pastor Sam

It’s dirty business but someone has to do it


Effective ministry (by that I mean God working through us to accomplish His will) is dirty business.  Let me clarify.  It’s not all clean and sterile spiritually.  Holiness is the goal, but to get there it may require a lot of dirty work.  If you ever effectively washed the dishes you know it’s hard to do that without getting wet.  Recently I had to dig down to find the lids to our septic tank at home, I was very dirty by the time we finally found them since they were buried under 3 ft of dirt.
 If we are going to be effective in reaching those who want help and want Jesus, we need to be willing to get a little dirty.  I don’t mean joining in the sin, I mean being spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically vulnerable to bring others into contact with the Lord.  This may mean some hardship and pain, loss of prestige and friends, spiritual attack and sometimes even death for us yet we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish God’s will.  We may be looked at askance and called “a friend of sinners” like Jesus was.  Other Christians may say we are wasting our time or letting people walk all over us.  If however you know that you are doing what the Lord wants, don’t be swayed but continue to press forward trusting God.  Thank God someone looked past our faults and our sin, put up with our abuse and loved us enough to be our friend and share Jesus with us.
 It won’t always turn out great and we don’t see an immediate answer to all our prayers yet it is always worth it to be obedient to the Lord’s leading and watch the way He moves in our lives and in the lives of those He has directed us to reach out to.  

 Birthdays & Anniversaries

 1 Malachai Walker
 5 Wanda Stowe
 5 Mike Robinson
14 Brittany Franks
20 Rick Carpio
22 Juanita Grevalsky
24 Elta Jaeger
25 Al Covell

 2 Ben Walker
10 Ruth VanEssen
22 Constance Robinson
23 Jerry Jaeger
25 Jean Covell

July 5 Jerry & Sally Bogner
July 17 Tom & Carolyn 
Aug 8 Al & Jean Covell
Aug 16 C.J. & Georgene
Aug 18 Mike & Bobbie

Children's Ministry


Vacation Bible School: Thank you to everyone – all ages -who helped with VBS this year!  We had 60 children attending, half making either a first time commitment or a re-commitment to the Lord.  We had many adults and youth to help make that possible! We also received over 100 shelf items for our Food Pantry and $380 for missions. Kids emptied out their savings!  The entire week was awesome!
Sunday School: We continue to need 1 person to help teach Sunday Church and 2 people to help in the nursery on the 3rd & 4th Sundays.

Missions Report

Glen and Rita Chapman - The Chapman's are glad to back in U.S. for awhile. They are catching up with family. When home on assignment last time all three of their children were single. Now all are married and there are even grandchildren! Though they are having fun, there is still culture shock to deal with. Fast-changing technology is a challenge! Also, this is their first time on home assignment when they are able to maintain daily contact with Congo and the business of the Baptist University.

Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - Dee has been preparing materials for use during her Mission trip to Haiti, where she has been working with the deaf for several years.

Ed and Miriam Noyes - No recent news from the Noyes! Pray for their work in agriculture, health, and literacy! Also, they are affected by civil unrest in Kinshasa currently, which can inhibit their access to email, etc.

Russell and Sharla Wiesner and family -

The Wiesners are currently in California to attend some family events and to speak about their work in Malaysia. They plan to return to Kuala Lumpur in August.


Jews for Jesus -  In a recent online article Jews for Jesus reviewed how Bob Dylan has often used Biblical texts in his songs. Take a look at the article here:


Jews for Jesus has had a bookshop in the Jewish community in Sydney, Australia for twelve years. During a recent week there were many significant encounters in the bookshop! Subscribe for email updates at:



Around the World -  Samaritan's Purse continues to minister among the millions of refugees displaced by conflict and persecution worldwide.


Walker Family:


Malachai Walker is on a 10-week mission trip as part of a program called The Massah Project. 
Jaden Walker is doing mission work with children at Jews For Jesus, Camp Gilgal Midwest. Then he will be doing ministry on the streets of NYC and Boston.
Kezziah Walker is doing an internship with Jews for Jews where she is second in charge of the Camp Gilgal ministry to children.
Tirzah Walker who is doing ministry with Chosen People Ministries this summer. She is writing new curriculum for Messianic VBS programs.

Mike Robinson for Missions

Vacation Schedule


Pastor Sam will be on vacation July 10 through July 19.

Linda will be on vacation from July 10 through July 25. 

Elder, H Eiland will be in the office mornings during both of those weeks.  Please call the office if you have church business or a pastoral need.


Timothy & Brittany Franks welcomed Jude Byran into their family on June 21.  He was 7# 12 oz. 20” long.  Jude and mom are doing fine – dad, Timothy is as well!

July 30 at 5:00 PM

Sunday, July 30 we will be joining with another local congregation for an evening potluck and fellowship time.  Dinner will be at 5:00 PM.  Make plans now to be with us.


Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is calling our congregation to join together for a workday on Saturday, July 29  - Inside where it's cool - (OR come and volunteer for an hour or two any time during the week of July 24-29).  We will be focusing on working in the Family Life Center (Gym).  Mark the date now.  More information to come.
On Sunday, July 30 an evening potluck and concert is planned and inviting another church group to join us for some food and fellowship. 


Youth Ministry

The Youth have been busy in June.  We had a very successful Bake Sale and Car Wash.  Thank you to anyone who donated bake goods for our sale or who brought their vehicles for a good wash.  We had a good time and were raise some funds for our activities and ministries.


Ministry Opportunities

We have an ongoing need to train people to help in the sound booth and also to run the power point program on Sunday mornings. These are important ministries always in need of willing and capable people.  If you have an interest in either sound or power point, please talk to John Webb or Josh Glasenapp. 


Sunday Morning Greeters Needed

If you would like to welcome people, especially visitors, to our worship service on Sunday mornings, we could use your help. You would need to be here a bit early on Sunday, hand out bulletins and welcome folks to our service.  It’s a great way to get to know people attending our service and make them feel welcome.


Awana is Coming to FBCP!

In September the Awana program for children K – 6 will be an ongoing program at FBCP. Information and Registration forms are at the Welcome Center. 


Online Giving

 For your convenience online giving is now available on FBCP website: fbcparadise.com NOTE: Paypal allows giving to non-profits without charging the usual fee as long as no goods or services are received.  Contact church office for information.