FBCP June 2017 Newsletter

Thoughts from Pastor Sam

All Things Work Together For Good
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (NKJV)
How many times have we heard this verse quoted and misquoted.  Sometimes only the first part is used out of context; “and we know that all things work together for good”.  Without the context or correct understanding of this verse it would be hard to believe.  There are many things in the world today that do not at all seem to work together for good.  However when you qualify this statement with the rest of the verse “to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” we get an entirely different picture.  “all things working for good” is conditional, it is reserved for “those who love God”.  This doesn’t mean that only good things happen to “those who love God” and only bad things happen to those who do not love God, in fact sometimes it seems quite the opposite.  In Jeremiah 12:1 the prophet asks “why do the wicked prosper”?  for a person who loves God and who is “called according to His purpose”, the promise is not that only good things will happen to them or that they will not go through anything bad, it is much better “all things” good or bad will “work together for good”.  This is a promise we can hold to and believe by faith.  We walk by faith not by sight.  

Birthdays & Anniversaries

 1  H Eiland
 3  Sharon Little
 6  Joyce Holden
 6  Brent Hedman
12  Diane Lung
15  Heidi Lung
18 Coreen King
20  Lorraine Muhlbaier
23  Heather Walker
 1  Malachai Walker
 5  Wanda Stowe
 5  Mike Robinson
20  Rick Carpio
22  Juanita Grevalsky
24  Elta Jaeger
25  Al Covell

June 16  Travis & Amy 
July 5 Jerry & Sally 
July 17  Tom & Carolyn

Sunday, July 4
Jews For Jesus


Rob Wertheim and his wife will be in the service to help us understand "The Jewish Roots of Pentecost."

Board of Trustees

Thank you again to all who helped with the Back Yard clean-up" May 14.   It's so much better to take care of the weeds before they take over us!  We got a lot done.


Next work day will be near Aug 1st, when we will work on the Family Life Center-- the big floor and the kitchen.


While we are so thankful for the gift of this building, we keep in mind that "WE" are the church!  A beautiful building does not replace joyful, faithful, loving, welcoming believers. One way we show our commitment and exuberance for the Lord is by the way we take care of the property and grounds in our care.

Eileen Lesher  

Missions Report

Glen and Rita Chapman - The Chapmans are currently staying in Southern California but do plan some time in Northern Cal as well!

Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - Dee will be making a Mission trip to Haiti at the end of June. Dee shared a daily devotional video on 1 John 4:19 at https://www.facebook.com/haveknowshare/videos/822599567887383/?pnref=story The family is settling in to their new home in the Fort Worth area in Texas, progressively unpacking after their move!

Ed and Miriam Noyes - Ed is hard at work on the agricultural development project located at Lusekele, dealing with some personnel problems, but aiming high to create an in-country source of certified seed for semi-subsistence farmers. They are now working through the registration process and have hit a potential snag where it seems that a bribe may be expected in order to move the paperwork forwards. "ACDI wants to pay the legal fees for registration and inspections, but they want inspections to be technically correct and honest.  Part of ACDI’s mission is to contribute to transformation of government services toward transparency and equal treatment of all actors in the economy." Please pray for the continued development of this work!

Russell and Sharla Wiesner and family - Cornerstone Learning Center has grown from 11 students to 25 this year! The English language (ESL) program has grown to 30 students this year! Thanks to God for a great

first year! 

"They will hand over the keys to our new school house to us later this month. We are excited that Cornerstone is growing, but there is much work to be done to get this new facility ready! Volunteers are needed this summer to paint, repair and make ready the school house for classes starting August 16.

If you would like to help out, please contact us:  russell@cornerstonelearn.org" The International Church had its largest Sunday ever just recently with 42 in attendence! The new space available for church meetings in the new school house will be much appreciated!

After last month's donations have come in that permitted the replacement of much of the gear taken. Still to be replaced are computers and an iPad. 

"We went to a local restaurant that is popular with college students.  At one table every person was from a different country; Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt and Algiers. At other tables that day we met people from Syria, Libya and Iran. God has brought the nations to Kuala Lumpur! Pray for workers to serve in His harvest field here! " (from their latest newsletter)

Jews for Jesus - Keep Malachai Walker in your mind & prayers as he participates in ministry in Israel and India. This Jews for Jesus program aims to reach young Israelis who often trek through northern India after their military service. 

Around the World - During the season of Ramadan (May 26 - June 24, 2017) pray "that many Muslims would be open to understand the true loving God who is full of grace and forgiveness and desires a relationship with them, for Muslims to have dreams and visions of Christ, and for 

Christians around the world who experience even more persecution during this difficult time." (from Spirit of Martyrdom)

Mike Robinson for Missions


Women's Ministry

Yard Sale-Friday & Saturday June 9 & 10

8 AM - 2 PM


(The Church Youth will be having a Car Wash on

Friday, the 9th

and a Bake Sale on both Friday and Saturday)


DONATIONS: Bring to the FLC Tues-Thurs beginning at

9 AM - ??  NOTE:  We will need helpers for Yard Sale to set up and price items on Tues-Thurs, and helpers during the sale hours and for clean up as well.


Mugs & Muffins - The next gathering of ladies will be in September. Watch for updates later in the summer.


There will be no Women's Ministry meeting in June.


Notes for Tirzah Walker 

 Shalom FBCP Family!

The last few months have been adventurous and very trying. After three weeks of delighting in the hospitality of my many friends here I have finally settled into my apartment for the summer with my other flatmates.
This is a very thrilling season! A friend of mine from Germany is coming to stay a few days while she is in America visiting her brother. Then there are two weddings, one of which I have been asked to be a bridesmaid. After this I will be going to a Christians United for Israel Summit in D.C. where our keynote speaker will be Vice President Mike Pence. 
Then I will be the Children's Director at a two week Hebrew Vacation School where I am both leading and creating the curriculum. 
With so many incredible opportunities and responsibilities this summer, hearing from you and knowing that you are praying for me and everyone I will be working alongside means more than I could measure. 
I'll continue to keep you updated and look forward to telling you all that G-d is teaching me during this summer in Chicago,
  Yours with all sincerity, 
      Tirzah Walker


Youth Ministry


 Youth Car Wash & Bake Sale

Friday, June 9


Bake Sale continues

Saturday, June10

In the FLC along with the Women's 

Yard Sale.  Buy new stuff, get your car 

washed, and, take home goodies for dinner!


Sunday, June 11

Youth-Led Worship Service

Regular Time - 10:30 AM