FBCP April 2016 Newsletter                


Thoughts from Pastor Sam


12 Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffered outside the gate. 13 Therefore let us go forth to Him, outside the camp, bearing His reproach. Heb 13:12-13 (NKJV)
To truly be a disciple of Jesus we must be willing to do what He did; to suffer “outside the gate”.

We are not suffering for the same reason that he did, since only His suffering can sanctify us, but we join Him in the reproach and shame by identifying with Him.  When we choose to claim Him as our Savior and Lord we not only share in his Power and glory but also His suffering and shame.  This is part of the process of being transformed into His likeness.  As believers in Jesus we have already been transformed by His redemptive blood but the process is learning how to live out this transformed life.  Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon we need to move and stretch our wings in faith believing that we can fly on His Wind.  We need to leave behind the shell of the old life and live in a whole new way.   Our source of strength comes from the Lord. When the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly; it no longer inches along with no real purpose or direction devouring everything in its way, but now it moves from flower to flower spreading pollen and contributing to new life and beauty in the world.   So we are also transformed from a life of futility and selfishness into a new life where we spread the Love and beauty of the Lord wherever the wind of His Spirit leads us.

Cornerstone School


Thank you to our church family for supporting Cornerstone Kids in the annual math-a-thon in March.  The students worked very hard and raised over $4000.  A small portion of the funds raised are used in a contest, a "money jump", where the participating students are able to compete for rewards.  The largest portion of the funds rasised are used for classrooms or playground improvements.
We invite you to join us on April 22 at 7 PM for Open House.  You can visit the classrooms, talk with parents, and see what our students have been learning this past school year.  Ask anyone who has been, it's very interesting!


Robin Tygart, Principal

Elder Board


Prayer is a priority for any person who desires to be used mightily by the Lord.  Jesus often slipped away to spend quiet moments with His Father.  If the Son of God needed prayer time, then we surely can’t live well without it.  Forsaking prayer results in a downward slide.  But the direction can be reversed at any time.  The corrective steps are simple: Confess your prayerlessness to the heavenly Father, and then make a priority of regular quiet time with the Lord.  In those moments of communion, He will make burdens light, offer encouragement, and fill your heart with confidence.
Brad Wells

New Study in Adult Sunday School


Sunday School – We will be ending our study in Titus at the end of April.  After that we will be beginning a study in Paul’s  letter to Philemon.  Paul Tygart will be leading the study in Philemon.

Building & Grounds


The Board of Trustees (BOT) continues to work cleaning/repairing/maintaining our building and grounds property.  During the month of March they cleaned out the storage area in the Family Life Center with the help of Nick Reeves, Carl Smith and a few others.  Everything there was sorted into various ministries for their use and then sent the rest to the June Yard Sale.  While the space was empty Nick was able to repair a badly water-damaged area of the ceiling.  We have identified a number of minor plumbing problems and Nick Reeves has begun to resolve those issues.

Women's Ministry


Women’s Ministry Meeting:  Tuesday, April 6 is our monthly in the Prayer Room off the Sanctuary at 5:30 PM. Join us if you would like to be a part of WM events.  We will need lots of help for the luncheon this month.

Garden Tea Party: Tickets for the Ladies Luncheon on April 30 are available Sunday in the Atrium for $5 each.  We need your help with; wind chimes, shepherds staff, pots, cuttings from some of your plants, gardening gloves or any item that can be used in or around the garden. Talk with Juanita Grevalsky or Laurie Kaloper if you can help.

Yard Sale - June 10-11 - Start collecting your no-longer-used things for our yard sale June 10-11. 

Missions Report


Glen and Rita Chapman - Glen and Rita are in the States visiting family members. For Glen this will be the first time to see his granddaughter, Madelyn. Glen was able to make the trip even though his passport had expired and it normally takes two weeks for the renewal, not to mention transferring visas! Pray for their safety in travels and praise for the resolution of potential difficulties! 


Shawn, Dee, and Pari Collins - The Collins have recently returned home to New Mexico after a time in California visiting family and friends. They rejoice that two more sign languages with Bible content were added to the https://www.deafbiblesociety.com/deaf-bibles/bible-resources#available-bibles website. Dee will be traveling to the Forum of Bible Agencies International in Rochester, New York in mid-April. From there she will head back to California before returning to their home base. See their team-member Jason sign the story of "Deaf People Can" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64tBYbQijl8&feature=youtu.be&list=PLaXwWbGTQW2xapIKainckfsabm53eZDd4 


Ed and Miriam Noyes - Continue their work in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), working in Literacy, Rural Health, and Agricultural Development. Miriam asks that we remember the women of the Congo, who often lead very hard lives.


Russell and Sharla Wiesner and family "Nathan did a wonderful job teaching students at chapel on Friday. He spoke from 1 Kings 18 about the prophet Elijah who stood for God on Mount Carmel against the false prophets of Baal. Nathan asked me to sing a song with him called "Prophet of Old."  I played guitar and Nathan played drums with other students on other instruments. It is wonderful to serve in ministry with your children! We had a great time and the students enjoyed Nathan's energy and enthusiasm as he shared this compelling Bible story! "


"Getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds is always a joy for Sharla and me. Our Iranian friends help us understand life in Iran, including the culture and worldview of the people there. Our Indian friends are engaging and animated as they share their view of life and what it means to become a believer coming out of the Hindu faith. Our fellowship is rich and dynamic as we celebrate the One who brings us together each week. Praise Him for this wonderful group of followers! "


Tour of Roses - Pastor Sam and Heather are back from working abroad with this ministry, serving in a potentially hazardous area, proclaiming reconciliation and God's love! Continue to pray for the effectiveness of the ministry. We look forward to hearing their report in person!

Potluck - April 3



Potluck on Sunday: Join us after the worship service on Sunday for a potluck and time of fellowship. Please bring any dish to share; main dish, salad or dessert. The FLC will be open at 9 AM for you to leave your dishes.



Big Thank You!



The Easter Presentation on Palm Sunday was truly beautiful and very meaningful to the congregation.  Many hours of work went into both drama and music. Susan Smith wrote the drama portion and directed its presentation.  Josh Glasenapp chose the music and directed the choir.  We were blest!


Harei Yeshua - Seder Meal


Passover Seder – Saturday, April 23:Congregation Harei Yeshua  will celebrate Passover with a Seder meal.  If you would like to purchase tickets contact Linda in the church office W-F.  This will be a catered meal.  No tickets will be sold at the door.


Birthdays & Anniversaries





2  Eileen Lesher

14  Zemeira Walker

16  Tom Grevalsky

19  Nathan Reeves

21  David Snow

22  Susan Smith

23  Kat Shores



1  Paul Tygart 

3  Bobbie Howard   

   Sherry Schlobohm     

   Amy Barker 

6  Todd Smith

10  Brad Wells

17  Robin Tygart

23  Barbara Thomas

24  Andrew Smith 





7 Timothy & Brittany Franks 

8  Brad & Sue Wells

14 Roger & Pam Wrobel

21 Carl & Amy Smith 



9  Alan & Ruth VanEssen

16 David & Linda Snow


Communion Sunday


This Sunday, April 3rd, will be Communion Sunday.  Think about spending time on Saturday preparing your heart to take communion with your church family.


Children's Ministry & VBS


Plans are underway for 2016 Vacation Bible School June 20-24.  Our theme this year is "Surf Shack - Catch the Wave of God's Amazing Love".  We'll need lots of help, of course!  If you have any beach or surfing items we could use that week, please let Pam Wrobel know.  She will be collecting those those things as we move toward June.  It's not that far away......... There will be interpreting for the deaf this year so if you know someone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing that would come if they knew there was interpreting, please spread the word!