2015 Church Bulletins

01/04/2015 So teach us to number our days.

01/11/2015  Thine, O Lord, Is The Greatness,

01/18/2015  O Come let us Worship

01/25/2015 Faith, like light, Should Always...

02/01/2015 Holy Communion

02/08/2015 With the Knowledge of God Comes Love

02/15/2015  Fellowship One With Another

02/22/2015 Hope It Is Good That A Man...

03/01/2015  Light Shall Shine Upon Thy Ways

03/08/2015  Commit thy works unto the Lord,

03/15/2015  I'm Lost In Wonder, Love, & Praise.

03/22/2015  The Work of Righteousness

03/29/2015 Palm Sunday

04/05/2015 Easter Sunday

04/12/2015 Thou hast been a Shelter for me

04/19/2015  Eternity Will Not Be Long.....

04/26/2015  Rest In The Lord

05/03/2015 God invites us into His presence

05/10/2015 The Love That Tucked Us In

05/17/2015 The Lord Is Good

05/24/2015 Repent and be Baptized

05/31/2015 Courage Devotion Patriotism Sacrifice

06/07/2015 Walk In The Newness Of Life

06/14/2015 "Thou Shalt Be Secure, Because There Is Hope..."

06/21/2015 "The Love Of The Father"

06/28/2015 "Walk In Love"

07/05/2015 "God Be Merciful"

07/12/2015  "Peace is .....the presence of God

07/19/2015  "God Shall Supply

07/26/2015 "The Joy of the Lord"

08/02/2015 "I Will Be With Thee;"

08/09/2015 "God Understands Our Prayers..."

08/16/2015 "Whosoever Drinketh"

08/23/2015 "Where Two or Three are Gathered Together...."

08/30/2015 "The Song Of The Birds...."

09/06/2015 "Search Me O God"

09/13/2015 "God Is A Spirit:"

09/20/2015 "Thou Shalt Be Saved"

09/27/2015 "Cultivate This Day"

10/04/2015 "Abba, Father"

10/11/2015   "God is Love"

10/18/2015  "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

10/25/2015 "Rejoice Evermore"

11/01/2015   "To Everything There Is A Season"

11/08/2015  "Ye have been called unto liberty;..."

11/15/2015   "God didn't promise days without pain, ..."

11/22/2015  "Happy Thanksgiving"

11/29/2015  "The people that walked in darkness have seen a Great Light"

12/06/2015 "O Come Let Us Adore Him..."

12/13/2015  "As winter wraps the world in wonder..."

12/27/2015 "Behold, I make all things new"